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The future of healthcare matters to organizations across industries, and it takes the right people, the right mindset, and the right approach to make improvements that will positively impact people's health. Not surprisingly, technology is at the epicenter of most advancements in the past decades. A recent report from HIMMS found that 47% of companies are expected to expand their use of connected health technologies over the next few years.

Healthcare technology has an abundance of applications that are seemingly endless, and touch every sector of the health industry. Whether it's software that connects patient data across systems, life-saving surgical tools, or applications that streamline clinical trials, healthtech is on the rise.

Navigating healthcare technology is complex. We curated a list of experts in the space that we recommend following to stay on the cutting edge of healthtech today.

Bertalan Mesko

The Medical Futurist

A well-sought-after Medical Futurist, Bertalan holds a Ph.D. in genomics and has consulted everyone from governments to top universities on digital health technology and the future of healthcare.


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Jamey Edwards

CEO & Co-Founder, Cloudbreak Health

Jamey is on a mission to fix healthcare and drive positive change for patients and providers. His organization leverages technology to resolve health disparities and ensure health equity for underserved patients across the country.


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Brad Justus

Vice President of Client Development, himagine Solutions Inc.

In his role at himagine Solutions, Brad advises executives on how to navigate the complex world of Health Information Management. His goal is to help organizations find solutions that allow them to become more efficient, productive, and profitable. He has been recognized for his work in healthcare by Healthcare Finance News, Fierce Healthcare, and more.


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John Lynn

Editor and Founder,

A blogger and an entrepreneur, John is an enthusiastic and trusted organizer within the healthcare industry. Whether he is facilitating Twitter discussions or running conferences, John understands how to communicate the nuances of healthcare to a wide audience.


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James Jordan

CEO, StraTactic, Inc.

James is an executive with extensive experience in academia, consulting, and market development in the healthcare industry. As the CEO of StraTactic, Inc., Jordan collaborates with a diverse team to help science and healthcare companies meet, and exceed, their goals and expectations.


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Gary Monk

Digital, Strategy & Innovation Director, The Stem

Gary is a healthcare technologist, consultant, failed stand-up comic, and successful content creator. With experience in the digital health field, his content focuses on how technology improves the patient experience.


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Dirk Stanley

Chief Medical Information Officer, UConn Health

As the chief medical information officer for UConn Health, Dirk is an information architect who oversees EMR implementation and management and collaborates with consultants and leadership members on long-range projects.


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Dr. Greg Weidner

Senior Medical Director, Virtual Care, One Medical

Greg is a physician, leader, and health transformation strategist with a fondness for virtual care. By combining his clinical expertise with his design and strategic skills, he can deliver broad, high-value care methods for the people who need it most.


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Deanne Kasim

Sr. Director Health Policy Strategy, Change Healthcare

Deanne is an IT health innovator with a passion for policy. An executive leader, consultant, and business expert, Deanne helps healthcare organizations and other clients understand the ever-evolving world of the healthcare industry.


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Rajiv Leventhal

Managing Editor, Healthcare Informatics, Vendome Group

Rajiv is a journalist and analyst who bridges the gap between technology and healthcare. A respected and well-known content creator, his work ranges from offering industry insights to healthcare industry professionals to gathering data and creating reports for executive leadership teams.


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Dr. Jackie Volk

CEO, Zusia LLC

As the CEO of Zusia, LLC, Dr. Volk advocates for the advancement and health of adults and children with disabilities. A psychologist and former human rights commissioner, Dr. Volk has dedicated her career to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities in her community and beyond.


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Sally Pipes

President & CEO, Pacific Research Institute

Sally's impressive career spans over three decades, with several books, awards, and honors under her belt. Her most recent work is as the president and CEO of the Pacific Research Institute, which under her guidance, has become a trusted voice in health care policy.


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Where Healthtech Goes from Here

Healthcare technology is opening the door for a wide range of solutions that will improve the patient experience, ranging from applied AI to robotic-driven surgeries. Staying up-to-date with these healthtech experts will prove valuable in such a dynamic industry.

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